Henry Behring

Name: Henry Jürgen Behring
geboren: 1978 (Schwerin)
erste ernstzunehmende DJ Aktivitäten Anfang 1995
Gerberei DJ seit Ende 1996
Musikprojekt: GOLDWILL
(zusammen mit Ralf Schmidt a.k.a. AERA)
Interessen: Natur, Essen, Sport, Schallplatten sammeln
.. groovy House & Techno, real Hip Hop, Jazz, Funk, Soul, Reggae, Grooves & Hearts
Beruf: Obst- und Gemüseaktivist
E-Mail: audiopheel@gmx.de
My-Space: http://www.myspace.com/goldwill



World In Motion Musik Gewinnt Freunde - MGF05 August 2008

One Bill Was Not Was - WNW018 September 2008

Matikal Liebe*Detail - LD27 May 2009

Harmony LoMidHigh Organic - LMHOOC0013 June 2009

Home 15 Gerberei - Gerberei15 ltd.ed. September 2009

What Is Behind Wandering - 5thjourney May 2010

Sun Francisco Liebe*Detail - LD33 July 2010

Discooker EP Dessous – DES099 October 2010


Goldwill are Ralf Schmidt (aka Aera) and Henry Behring. They became friends while working with Hamburg’s well known record distribution Wordandsound, talking about music for hours and were like joking around in the warehouse.

They started working on music at Ralf’s flat, when Henry had no other place to stay while commuting between Hamburg and his hometown Schwerin, where he still runs his own business, dealing with records and vintage sunglasses.

Goldwill have a spontaneous way of working on their music; real percussions, field recordings, old synthesizers and dusty record samples are important sources of inspiration.

Their sound revolves around grooving, psychedelic house, leaning towards the deeper, more reflective side of the dancefloor, creating superbly spaced, late-night atmospheres, teasing waves of straightforward motion.



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